Price to a potential customer is a subjective issue, so it is difficult to say whether the product is expensive or not and what is acceptable to the customer. The main difficulty of working in the premium segment is the company’s attitude towards the prices of products and services. What do you need to sell premium products?

Factors of the premium segment:

– high resistance in times of economic volatility and crisis;

– Loyal consumer attitude;

– High profit.

Main errors in Organizing Premium Store Work:

– economical use of interiors, parking spaces, store decor, point of sale and a limited number of employees;

-Using templates and selling hardware from other trading segments;

– Lack of service after the sale and also of service in general;

-Continuous monitoring of competing companies and their activities without prior analysis.

Concept of advantage and product characteristic

Which product is considered “expensive” is difficult to say.

Price has an amazing feature: With all the elements of marketing, you can respond quickly to a potential buyer.

What is needed to sell a product at a high price? How to communicate with the customer most effectively?

-Technical settings that say the customer is buying;

-The power that answers the following question: “Why should they buy this product?”

For example, when buying a perfume, a consultant will cheerfully say: “This perfume composition of lily and rose.” But what does this give the buyer?

According to observations, it is more effective if the consultant guides the buyer on the principle of “one attribute – one advantage”. For example, “The scent of lily of the field and rose gently and slowly dissolves in your skin and awakens the emotions of a warm season.”

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