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Marketing campaigns make the product popular with various media channels, such as television, radio or online platforms. A marketing campaign can be used to achieve different goals, create a brand image, introduce a new product or increase sales of the products that already exist in the market. Today we are going to discuss the next of the most famous marketing campaigns.

1. PUMA – Shopping as a Game

PUMA has set up a campaign to increase the sales of signed shoes with autograph by Jamaican runners and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. Users were given a card with the time indicated in the store to buy “the fastest shoes in the world”. The faster the buyer would take the shoe to the cash register, the greater the discount would be.

puma marketing campaign

It is noteworthy how PUMA linked the product, the celebrity and the consumer to each other. “Speaking of them in general, sponsorship is not good for organizations. They spend a lot of money on a celebrity who represents their brand, but only a small amount can do it at a high level, ”said Jason Abelkop, Marketing Manager at Buffets Chain.

2. De Beers – A Diamond is Forever

In 1999 AdAge recognized this slogan as the 20th most memorable advertising slogan of the XX century. Also – it was De Beers who created and promoted the famous stereotype that diamond earrings are an integral part of luxury. Advertising should convince consumers that without buying your product, their lives will be lifelong, boring and monotonous!

3. Clairol – Does She or Doesn’t She?

Clairol marketers first asked this question in 1957. Their main purpose was to emphasize the naturalness of the products. The women who used this dye could say that this is their natural hair color. Just show users your product’s benefits without any extra explanation.

4. Miller Lite – Great taste, less filling

During the 1974 advertising campaign, Miller Lite created a new product that attracted many clients. The classic slogan “More Taste, Less Coldness” was aimed at the target audience – “real men” who looked down on a similar drink.

In the banners and television commercials, the phrase was used by men in the profession associated with masculinity and bravery for Americans, such as actors, athletes, rock musicians, and more. This marketing campaign brought Miller great pride.

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