20th Century Fox

Do you remember the 20th Century Fox projector hat, accompanied by festive music? If you love movies, it is impossible to forget. What’s more, you may have heard that melody at that moment. You will also remember that hat at the beginning of each movie, wherein the background of the trumpet, the spotlight shines on 20th Century Fox. The name and illuminated logo account for its 85-year history in Hollywood. From now on, he will position the word without Fox, so that viewers do not think that the studio has anything to do with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News media, which is considered polarized.

Walt Disney Company bought a large portion of Murdoch’s entertainment assets last year for $ 71.3 billion. The deal included 20th Century Fox and Miss Art House Fox Searchlight. However, Fox no longer figures in any of them, and employees’ e-mails are already ending with @ 20thcenturystudios. Naturally, Fox logos will also disappear. The first work to be released in cinemas with a renewed branding will be the film “The Scream of Velvet Nature”, which will be released in mid-February. As it is known, the famous logo and lights of the monolith will be preserved.

This is also the famous glorious introduction that preceded every movie in the studio:

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